September Program: Protecting Soft Targets Against Terrorist Attacks

In the U.S., we entered and closed the 20-year anniversary of the attacks of September 11. For Floridians, the enduring memory of Pulse nightclub and the Stoneman Douglas High School mass shootings tear at the fabric of all that we held true of everyday safety and national security. In June 2021, closer to home, our beloved Hialeah was subject to two consecutive weekends of mass violence. Far from being foreign infiltrators, most people accused of terrorism-related crimes have been American citizens or legal residents. Across the globe and miles apart, we share in this common fear of shielding ourselves and our loved ones from random acts of violence. September 7–9, Global Ties Miami curated a learning experience, Protecting Soft Targets Against Terrorist Attacks for 9 International Visitors from Bangladesh, Japan, Fiji, Malaysia, Nepal, and New Zealand.

This project introduced international government and law enforcement officials to strategies used by the federal government and local law enforcement agencies, counterterrorism specialists, and industry experts to prevent terrorist attacks targeting public spaces such as airports, train stations, entertainment venues, and other public gathering places. PortMiami, the Miami-Dade Police Department Special Events Unit, and Southeast Florida Fusion Center discussed counterterrorism cases, examined insider threats, considered the root causes of terrorism, and evaluated strategic counterterrorism communications.

PortMiami is known worldwide as the Cruise Capital of the World. It is Miami-Dade County’s second most important economic engine, which contributes $43 billion annually to the local economy and supports more than 334,500 jobs in South Florida. International Visitors met with Port Miami’s Franklin Roig, COO to discuss their security management at the Port recognized as the Global Gateway.

“I enjoyed very much the interaction with all the participants and my favorite aspect of the virtual exchange was learning different perspectives from the cast of global professionals in attendance.”
-Franklin Roig, MEM, Chief Operating Officer, Miami-Dade Seaport Department

This project supports the State Department’s Global Counterterrorism Forum Initiative on Soft Target Protection, a multilateral initiative to establish internationally recognized good practices to enhance the security and resilience of sites that are potential soft targets.




BRINGING THE WORLD TO YOU. Professional, educational & cultural exchange tours for leaders in government, business & civil society.

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Global Ties Miami

Global Ties Miami

BRINGING THE WORLD TO YOU. Professional, educational & cultural exchange tours for leaders in government, business & civil society.

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